Serious fun

So here’s how the hobby features will be formatted. Trust me, you’ll be grateful later on.

Background: Brief explanation on what the hobby is about and why people find it so fun. Yes, I need to explain the “fun” part. I’ve seen many activities that leave me scratching my head.

Requirements: Some need a driver, some need a driver’s license. Stuff you need to get if you want to pursue the hobby.

Suggested for: Who might be interested in this? No names, just profiles. If you don’t match the profile, don’t worry. Break the mold!

Not for: People who will either be bored or find this activity too challenging. Again, feel free to prove me wrong.

Relevant links: Sites where you can learn more.

Every so often I’ll follow up the hobby feature with more in-depth content. Of course, my hobbies will get more attention than others. 🙂


Call to Relaxation

Everybody needs a hobby. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

Let’s face it, the modern working environment is stressful, and we need all the help we can get to relax. But with personal time so rare and valuable, you need to carefully consider how you want to relax!

This blog’ll give you the basics of various hobbies and activities that you might find interesting. Who knows? You may eventually find your passion *cough*ahem*joy*bleargh*.

Oh, and before you ask–yes, family is important too. But sometimes you need a break from family, right?


Fine. Have them join in.