If you can’t stand the heat…


Cooking is this week’s feature! The hobby with the most drool for your buck! Get your oven mitts ready, this one is hot!

Background: This was once thought to be the exclusive domain of restaurateurs and mothers. Now (to quote a great Pixar movie), everyone can cook! Not everyone will be good, but you get the idea. Cooking can be just as fun as eating! The variety of flavors and ingredients means recipes will never be boring – and more recipes are being created every day!

Why it’s fun: The precise mastery of cooking skills: chopping, slicing, fileting, deboning, etc. (see Japanese cooking for extreme examples). The artistry of food presentation. The creativity of cooking without a recipe. And of course, eating your creations!

What you need: At it’s most basic, you need food ingredients and an idea of how you want the meal taste. If done with some flair, even making a sandwich or a lunchbox is fun. Recipes are optional. Wing it! Stoves, knives, pots, pans, etc. are also required for more substantial meals. Your parents are a handy resource if you want to learn. 🙂

Suggested for: Food lovers everywhere. Ability is optional, but eat what you cook. Have mercy on others.

Not for: Those who’d rather eat. If you don’t want to, don’t force yourself. Grumpy+chef=bad+food. Ask any cook!