Serious fun

So here’s how the hobby features will be formatted. Trust me, you’ll be grateful later on.

Background: Brief explanation on what the hobby is about and why people find it so fun. Yes, I need to explain the “fun” part. I’ve seen many activities that leave me scratching my head.

Requirements: Some need a driver, some need a driver’s license. Stuff you need to get if you want to pursue the hobby.

Suggested for: Who might be interested in this? No names, just profiles. If you don’t match the profile, don’t worry. Break the mold!

Not for: People who will either be bored or find this activity too challenging. Again, feel free to prove me wrong.

Relevant links: Sites where you can learn more.

Every so often I’ll follow up the hobby feature with more in-depth content. Of course, my hobbies will get more attention than others. šŸ™‚


One Response

  1. hey, this looks like a really interesting topic for a blog. can’t wait for more updates!

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