Reading on the floor

First up is one of the most beneficial hobbies you could ever take up: reading.

Background: Reading makes you smarterer. Really. If there’s only one hobby you can take up, make it this. It’s just as educational as it is entertainment. There are many things you can read that can fit your fancy: Biographies, self-help, historical, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, romance, etc. Heck, if you feel daunted by the prospect of a thick book, you can try children’s or young adult’s books. The Hardy Boys, anyone?

Why it’s fun: Each genre has its own reason! Pit yourself against a mystery author and try to solve the crime before she reveals it. Revel in the bad-assery of an adventure/thriller. Shiver as you turn each new page of a horror novel (The Shining is still my #1 horror book). Gape at new worlds and creatures in fantasy/science fiction novels. Broaden your horizons with historical and cultural narratives. Learn how your idols lived and died, succeeded and failed with biographies. Feel free to share your reasons in the comments below!

Requirements: A book. Duh. Available at any library or bookstore. Used books are available for dirt cheap. Ebooks too (piracy bad)!

Suggested for: Everyone.

Not for: n/a. Even the blind can read.



One Response

  1. So how do you solve the issue of time??? (or the lack thereof)

    There are a million possible distractions in the modern world.
    Net,Games, TV, Phone, Text, Movies, Shows, etc etc….

    How does one find the time for reading? for hobbies? for exercise?
    for a moment to chill?

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